Manners in a Playground

I recently visited an indoor playground for kids and adults, if you’re short enough like me. It was my second visit to this new place so the ‘wow’ factor has loosened its grip on me, at least enough for me to observe some mannerisms of other attendants.

The first observation was that all kids treated each other differently, especially when the parents weren’t looking at them like a hawk. Some kids would play nice with their fellow peers without having the mom (or dad) either gently reminding them to be nice or just giving them that look that says ‘play nice or we’re leaving.’ Other kids have a tougher time restraining their love of toys and running around space. For instance, a young little boy decided to test his parent’s patience, as well as mine, when he kept throwing balls on the slide on which my little girl was struggling to climb up on. Thankfully, his proximity to the slide meant that the balls had no real bounce to them. On the other hand, the balls collected right underneath my little girl’s tummy and made it even more difficult for my kid to climb up. Granted, slides were created for people to go down, not up (excluding rollercoasters). It wasn’t his action that concerned me very much. It was the way he looked at me, as if daring me to say something, to which I did.

“Can you try throwing the balls elsewhere so they won’t accidentally hit her?”

The boy’s father had turned his attention from his phone and stared at me as if I had said something awful. Not saying anything directly to me, he merely pulled his son from the ball pit and moved elsewhere. Did I say something wrong? All I wanted was to curb the opportunity of an accident happening should the boy have continued doing what he was doing.

I am a first-time mom so parenting is still new to me. However, what is not new, is my view on how people should behave, regardless of the age. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned that way but I prefer my daughter to have good manners than awesome toys. What do you think?





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