How to (Not) Be a Zombie

Help! I have a zombie in my house!

Oh wait…it’s just me looking in the mirror and making those telltale sounds. “Grr….arrghh…”

My hair is all messed up and a pair of dulled, baggy eyes are straight back at me. Now, there comes a time when every momma has to wrestle with body image prejudice. Sometimes, the worst discrimination comes from ourselves and we should attempt to nip that in the butt. Today, however, was unsuccessful.

First, I didn’t even bother to brush my hair. I mean, seriously, what’s the point if my only audience is an almost two year old who prefers to run her fingers through my hair and then pull on it than saying, ‘oh momma. You a mess.”

Of course, words don’t come easily to a toddler so it might just be her pulling on my hair even more, saying “momma…momma…” and giggling while I wince in pain.

Second, I don’t usually wear make-up but I was seriously contemplating on at least adding some foundation or whatever it’s called. Those baggy eyes are terrible to look at! Then again, the make-up will probably just smear across inappropriate places like my mouth or nose, depending on what targets my daughter wants to focus on.

Now here’s the reason for my zombie-like looks: both of us caught something from someone from somewhere. She caught it first and I just knew something was up when she started to become extra cuddly. I just knew it but nope. I thought ‘ohh, she just wants extra love today. I’ll hug her and kiss her until she runs away.’

Instead, she gave me her love of germs and that first night we didn’t sleep. Not at all. Imagine the chaos. Toddler crying, me crying, then back to her crying, and finally us crying at the same time. All the while, my husband just slumbered through it all like nothing happened. I wish I could sleep that deeply sometimes.

The second night, I managed to quarantine myself in the main bedroom and my awesome husband took the brunt of her crying throughout the night. While I still managed to catch some zzz’s, it wasn’t enough to clear away those black bags underneath my eyes and my poor husband didn’t get much sleep either. Now, we both look like zombies.

Next thing is we’ll be eating ravenously but don’t worry. It won’t be brains just some goodies that will make us feel good afterwards.




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