Specific cravings

via Daily Prompt: Specific

Everyday (or at least weekly) I get specific cravings, whether they’re good or bad, healthy or definitely something that brings in an image of blocked arteries. No matter how I change my habits, I always get the following specific cravings:

  • Three cups of coffee – That’s right – only three! If I drink less than that, I’m still dragging my legs in the morning and sometimes bump into the walls, especially at 5 am. Imbibing more than three cups gives me the Mother of all Headaches, almost pushing into a migraine. However, if I drink exactly three 8 0z of awesome french-pressed coffee, then I’m right as rain. Weird, right?




  • 1 medium bowl of Bún bò Huế – now this stuff is just Delicious! Because the hot soup contains quite a bit of fat, meat, and sodium, I can’t consume it everyday. However, I have to eat it once a week. Anymore than that, I get tired of it which I clearly want to avoid. Any less than that puts my hormones that affect my mood on strike. Trust me, I actually get a little cranky if I don’t consume this soup down. Ask my husband!




Hmm now I’m now both hungry and thirsty!